• “More than 1000 cell phones are activated every minute.
  • There is now one cell phone for every two people in the world.
  • That’s 3.3 billion cell phones in about 25 years, and according to Nokia, that number will grow to 5 billion by 2015, when two-thirds of the people on earth will have cell phones.
  • An iPhone has more processing power than did the entire North American Air Defense command in 1965.”

So what are we doing with all of this networking capability?

Have we strengthened our relationships, distanced ourselves from meeting in person, or has it just gifted us with convenience?

My family lives in the Midwest and I am on the West Coast and I know that without my cellphone I would only hear their voices but once a year.  However, I know that given the ease of communication that cellphones offer, that I could hear those sweet sounds every day.

I am making it my goal for the year to talk to someone in my family (this includes friends in other states as well) every week.

It can really make your day if you just sit down and dial.

As a matter of fact, just this week I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face after I face-timed with a best friend of mine out in Colorado. 

Honestly, there is really only one thing better than hugs… and that’s smiles.

So share some smiles and laughter with your loved ones this week.  I promise it will feel amazing!


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