Satu Malaysia

  Satu Malaysia | One Malaysia   You can feel the moisture in the air, each breath filtered by boundless vegetation.   Lush palm covered mountains, winding windblown streets, miles of emerald raindrop kissed leaves, glistening as they reach towards the sun.   You surrender to stillness. You allow the sensation of the warm air […]

Bio-Energy for Natural Healing

Bio-Energy for Natural Healing

Bio-Energy for Natural Healing is a non-physical energy that can also be called chi, life-force, orgone energy or prana. (In Depth Article Here)  There are five principal sources of bio-energy. The natural recharging of the body after a deep sleep; ingesting of raw foods, juices and charged water; touching prana-rich fresh rain or morning dew […]

Basic Hip Slide

Today we’re going to go over the basic hip slide. Remember to start in dance posture: Tailbone tucked under Core tight Feet 1-2 inches apart Knees bent This will make sure that you remain stable throughout your movements, it will also allow you to get the most of out of your movements. Basic Hip Slide: […]

Life Within

When you hear the words, life within what comes to mind?   If you’re like me, you visualize a ball: either held delicately in your hands; or surrounding you, cradling your body within its orb. Life within comfort; life within love; or life within your spiritual path. Though we feel supported from time to time, […]