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Satu Malaysia

Northern Gopeng, Malaysia

The Hills of Gopeng on the Lake


Satu Malaysia | One Malaysia


You can feel the moisture in the air, each breath filtered by boundless vegetation.


Lush palm covered mountains, winding windblown streets, miles of emerald raindrop kissed leaves, glistening as they reach towards the sun.


You surrender to stillness.

Scarlet Dragonfly (Neurothemis terminata)

Scarlet Dragonfly – Banting, Malaysia

You allow the sensation of the warm air to soothe your bones.


Sweat surfaces upon your bosom – welcome to the rain forest.


October marks the beginning of the rainy season producing periodical downpours followed by symphonies of chirps and chatter. In the open air markets your warm skin is kissed by the windswept showers.


At once you begin to notice the life that surrounds you; beautiful blade-winged scarlet dragonflies bouncing on low-lying foliage, tiny chestnut squirrels swirling around tree trunks; and the quiet rustling of macacos through the canopy.


Malay locals float seamlessly between raindrops undaunted by the cloudbursts overhead.


School children whiz past on scooters at competition speeds, their passengers glancing back as if seated upon living room chairs; cellphone in hand, head back laughing as they glide down the street.



Cendol in Gopeng, Malaysia

Roadside vendors selling fresh coconut water for five ringgits ($1.15). Beleaguered workers seeking cendol in the morning; a refreshing drink of coconut milk, cool ice, brown sugar, tapioca noodles and red beans served with a wide straw or a shallow duck spoon.


Lengthened stares appear from all corners, interest peaked by the light colored skin making its way through the town. Grins and nods with tender eyes. Welcomed invitations to shop and shelter.


Aromas of nasi goreng (fried rice) and red chilis tickle the senses. As the sounds of distant prayers entrance your mind with a stillness and peace that is most welcome after a long journey.



Homemade Nasi Ayam from Tadom Hill Resort, Banting, Malaysia

Nasi Ayam – Banting, Malaysia


Surrounded by smiles you traverse the streets, lined with family restaurants each offering their most prized dishes.


Crisp grilled nasi ayam, (chicken and rice with a side of fresh broth); Nasi lemak, the Malaysian national dish made with coconut milk white rice (flavored with pandan leaves), garnished tiny fried fish (and the occasional freshly roasted peanut).


A slice of crisp cucumber and mouthwatering sambal decorating each plate. A glass of lemon teh to cleanse the pallet and the body – a teh tarik if you need a boost.

Distant Pondok - Gopeng, Malaysia

Distant Pondok – Gopeng, Malaysia

As you enter the village a mix of beautifully tumbled wood pondoks (cottages) balance delicately on stilts, recently constructed seemingly ancient rain-dyed stone buildings and palatial traditional wooden abodes with large plantation shutters hearken back to late 19th Century Asia.

Muzium Negeri Terengganu (Kuala Terengganu State Museum)

Hanging Bee Dripping with Vines

Roofs whose profiles resemble breaking waves topped with corrugated tin or wooden planks each kissed with intricate wooden finials at their highest points. ‘Motif Lebah Bergantung’ (Hanging Bee Motif) trailing along the overhangs, carefully carved upturned hearts and tear drops.


As you approach the front door and remove your shoes you are welcomed with beauty and grace; and sun-kissed caramel skin, a supple right hand reaches out to yours before retreating to its resting spot over the heart of your host. A small nod and a smile reaffirms your welcome.


It is not unlikely for your host to offer their bed as they sacrifice their comfort to you. Sharing with another or taking to the floor on a simple thin mat.

The Perfect View

The Perfect View

There is a raw timeless charm to these homes.


Tiny ants make trails along the staircases and into the corners near the ceiling. Intricately patterned moths and spiders shuffle along the walls and floorboards showing off their natural beauty. The soft bellow from distant geckos reverberates through the walls as the moon takes its place in the sky. One last prayer resounds before your head hits the pillow.


Upon waking, the door opens, you look up to a group of grinning Malay women softly reciting “makan, makan” (eat, eat!) looking down at you sweetly as if you were one of their young children. A drop of rain falls from the ceiling onto your shoulder.


As you step into the bathroom your feet touch the cool water of the wet room floor. The roof is simple, beautiful wood beams bursting with life. Either a tandas (toilet) or a porcelain vessel within the floor offers you sweet release, where no handle resides a bucket and ladle to wash down the night soil.


Today like the others you are humbled by the hearts and homes of the natives.


Embraced as if by family and treasured like a precious gem. Gifts of sweets and fresh homemade food, warm sweet tea, batiks and fresh fruit…


New Friends - Banting, Malaysia

New Friends – Banting, Malaysia

Undeserving of such offerings your attempts to take part are declined. As a guest in Malaysia you are cordially treated with the utmost concern.


As you arrive at the airport gleaming from warm days and endless rain you are embraced kissed on both cheeks and released. You’ll keep in touch. Time will never forget the kindness found in Malaysia; the sweet words of the Orang Asli (natural person) tribe and the soft touch of the hand that guides you down village streets or across lanes of frenzied traffic in the city.

Selamat Tinggal Malaysia, Jumpa Lagi.


Satu Malaysia.

Bio-Energy for Natural Healing

EinsteinBio-Energy for Natural Healing is a non-physical energy that can also be called chi, life-force, orgone energy or prana. (In Depth Article Here)  There are five principal sources of bio-energy.

  1. The natural recharging of the body after a deep sleep;
  2. ingesting of raw foods, juices and charged water;
  3. touching prana-rich fresh rain or morning dew or breathing prana-rich air;
  4. through guided imagery and meditation;
  5. and through accumulation energy through the chakra system, most importantly through the crown chakra. (Walter Last)

“In addition to food and air, we need a balanced intake of electromagnetic energies. These include sunlight, colors, the Earth’s magnetic field and the electric field between the ionosphere and the ground.” (Walter Last)

Reports of bio-energy first surfaced in the 1940’s by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. From its inception bio-energy was often misunderstood, rejected by the FDA and misconstrued by the public. What Reich was suggesting was a powerful energy accumulator that could draw the negative energies from within the body (working through the chakras); healing patients from illness, improving mood and sleep and in some cases metastasized melanomas.

The best part about Bio-energy – we’re surrounded by it!

Sunlight gives off both Bio-Energy for Natural Healing and electromagnetic energies. In the grass in fields and streams, yoga and fresh raw foods.

In 1940 Dr. Reich found a way to harness these powers.  Healing his patients and changing the we looked at medical treatment.

But how did this come about?

While researching the energies emitted from the skin during human pleasure (the big O) vs. sadness, Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897 – 1957) met an energy that did not obey the laws of electricity or magnetism.  An energy that could charge organic materials – he named them “orgone” energies.  Reich found that this orgone is held within organic (non-metallic) materials such as cotton, plastic or wool. Whereas metallic materials reflected this energy.

Later Version of the Orgone Energy Accumulator

With these findings Reich began layering organic and metallic materials. In 1940 he created The Orgone Energy Accumulator a box in which he layered these materials and using a “specially designed lens” he was able to see the radiation present within the box.

“The accumulator’s organic layers attracted the atmospheric energy which was directed inward by the metal layers. Any energy reflected outward by the metal layers was immediately re-absorbed by the organic material, attracted back to the metal, and directed toward the inside of the box. The result was a higher concentration of orgone energy inside the box. The more layers, the stronger the concentration.” (psychorgone.com)

Reich noticed a blue energy, visible to the naked eye; and proposed that this energy is responsible for our emotions, our sexuality, gravity, weather patterns and even the dawn of our galaxies (Natural News, 2012). This orgone energy was unlike entropy (or deterioration of matter) and instead worked to organize and concentrate matter.

Reich believed that traumatic experiences blocked the natural electrical flow of life energy in the body; this produced body armoring and in turn led to physical and emotional disease. Reich developed the orgone accumulator to help his patients overcome conditions of reduced health caused by depletion or blockages of the orgone energy within the body.” (Natural News, 2012)

In conclusion, the layers of organic and inorganic materials make it possible to open ones energy field allowing them to heal naturally. In essence transforming negative energies into positive.

To note, orgone energy has also be reported in a red-yellow color.  And it can also be held within crystals, gems, plants and water. Notice the Kirlian Photograph below, a piece the leaf cut off but it appears whole within the photo. A mesmerizing illustration of bio-energy (or orgone).

Nonetheless, in 1954 the FDA filed a Complaint for Injunction claiming that orgone did not exist.

Plant Aura (Kirlian, 1973)

Plant Aura (Kirlian Photograph, 1973)

And in 1956 all orgone accumulators and associated materials were ordered to be dismantled or destroyed. Along with over 6 tons of books written by Dr. Reich.

That following year Reich was sentenced to two years in prison.

This is Reich’s request for appeal written to Judge John Clifford before sentencing:

“…over a period of 30 years could not convince this administration, or will not be able to convince any other administration of the true nature of the discovery of the Life Energy, no litigation in any court anywhere will ever help to do so. I, therefore, submit, in the name of truth and justice that I shall not appear in court as the ‘defendant’ against a plaintiff who by his mere complaint already has shown his ignorance in matters of natural science.”

He died in prison two years later at the age of 59.

A reflection from his conversations with Freud:

“You have to revamp your whole way of thinking,” Reich said, “so that you don’t think from the standpoint of the state and the culture, but from the standpoint of what people need and what they suffer from. Then you arrange your social institutions accordingly.”

Check out Orgone.org if you’d like to know more.


For now, Here are 5 ways to experience Bio-Energy for Natural Healing (or orgone) right at home.

  1. Step outside on a sunny day for 20min without sunglasses. (This is not prolonged exposure however you may wish to cover up.) Sunset is also a powerful time to experience the sun’s Bio-Energy for Natural Healing.
  2. After a rain or in the morning dew step through the soil or grass with bare feet. (My FAVORITE!)
  3. You can also create your own orgonite with resin, crystals and metals.
  4. Or you can wear it! I create handmade Bio-Energy Keepsake Necklaces. And for the month of September I will be creating these keepsakes for purchase.
    Colombian Peso & Moonstone Keepsake

    Colombian Peso & Moonstone Keepsake

    I will use the earnings to further my research into sustainable supply chain processes by traveling oversees (leaving the US in October) to gain insight from the families that are most as risk from the damaging effects of faulty practices. While doing some much-needed spiritual work. If you’d like one for yourself or a loved one please click here. Each piece is custom-made based on your personal style – be sure to place your interests in the notes section (i.e. I want an Oct. birthstone, or I love nature or I’m a new mother…etc).

  5. Create your own energy accumulator! Find out how with Natural News.

I’m excited to hear your thoughts!

How do you feel about the FDA’s power over natural medical treatments? And where you gather your Bio-Energy for Natural Healing?




Basic Hip Slide

FullSizeRender(7)FullSizeRender(5)Today we’re going to go over the basic hip slide.

Remember to start in dance posture:

  • Tailbone tucked under
  • Core tight
  • Feet 1-2 inches apart
  • Knees bent

This will make sure that you remain stable throughout your movements, it will also allow you to get the most of out of your movements.

Basic Hip Slide: Pull your hip in towards the center of your body; moving your hip from side to side pulling one at a time as far under your chin as possible. Be sure to keep your hips parallel to the floor. Imagine there is a string tied around your hips pulling them in towards the center of your body.

Do not focus on the hip that’s moving outwards, instead focus your attention on the hip moving in and under your chin.

Once you feel comfortable with this move you can try it while walking and shifting your weight from side to side as you step.

I’ve included a video tutorial below.

Click Here for Hip Slide Video

Let me know what you think about this basic hip slide video in the comments below.

Life Within


When you hear the words, life within what comes to mind?


If you’re like me, you visualize a ball: either held delicately in your hands; or surrounding you, cradling your body within its orb. Life within comfort; life within love; or life within your spiritual path.

Though we feel supported from time to time, these feelings may lack permanence.


So how do we create a feeling of security and acceptance in a world seemingly riddled with opportunities for defeat?


For me, there are three practices that I’ve adopted to effectively accept my emotions and live within the moment.  Whether this leads to a successful, worry free day or into a swirling spiral of emotions is unimportant.  What is important is how we feel after this rush or light takes hold of us and we progress.


I’ll take you through my steps:

  1. Remember why you are feeling, and embrace those emotions wholeheartedly. We are meant to feel; to love and be loved. We are programmed to react to the environment for our survival. Psychotherapist Joyce Marter, LCPC points out that often we’re encouraged to mask or socialize our fears to “fit in” or avoid causing any rifts. DO NOT let this happen to you. Emotions are a call to action. of PshychCentral.com reminds us that emotions have purpose in her article 3 Facts about Feelings in which she reminds us that “feelings have function”, that moments of doubt, fear or sadness offer you an opportunity to reflect and “…to follow your inner wisdom.”  Its important to “process your feelings” to avoid harming ourselves. Lack of emotional release can to create hypertension, headaches and gastrointestinal issues. She goes on to mention that, “You don’t have to act on your feelings”. Don’t punish yourself for feeling, instead understand that you’re experiencing some emotions and from there, decide to react accordingly. Which brings me to step two on my list.
  2. Engage your mind in delivering those emotions efficiently.  Many times I’m wrought up with guilt and I stammer to find loving words that effectively communicate my sentiment. It’s not that I yearn to create rifts, rather, I yearn for harmony but I seem to excel in miscommunication. *insert empathetic laughter here* They say not to react on your first impulse, but to wait for the second – this is what I’ve been practicing.  Rather than say what’s on your mind in the instant; reflect, absorb, find peace and then react.
  3. Find an outlet for your feelings.  Whether you enjoy journaling, running, crafting or meditating; find an outlet that speaks to you.  Find a comfortable space for your emotions and go there daily.  I start my mornings with a JBM: Journal, Breakfast, Meditation. This practice often leaves me feeling light and airy and ready for the day.  I tried meditating before breakfast but I was often interrupted by a grumbling tummy.


Remember that it is not our responsibility to change the world, but that we may change our place within it. We can grow, transform and uplift this great planet.


We can release our belongings and find precious gifts within ourselves.


We can love and be loved without contempt.


Our strength is not measured solely by our accomplishments but by our ever-growing list of compassionate undertakings.


We are made to evolve.

We are programmed to feel and to allow those feelings to guide our actions.


 In our dreams we’re often flying; soaring high above our fears, our lives and our transient bodies.


What can we learn from these dreams: from our abilities to rise above?


Why imagine life without emotion?


Why not imagine life within: within our dreams: living amidst happiness and soothing any discomfort as we soar.

 Imagine life within us, our purest most prosperous us-es.


A perfectly messy collection of extraordinary energies.

 Embracing the good and choosing to surround ourselves with auras that serve us.


Seeking happiness.

Enjoying the search and traveling with an open heart.


Every moment we that devote to understanding is a moment given to bettering ourselves.

Rather than focus on the negativity that creeps up we can choose to shed light on these feelings as opportunities for change.


When we place pressure upon ourselves and upon those around us, we may find that we lose sight of the happiness and fluidity that naturally beckons us. Every beast: every beautiful, passionate human being and all of our unspoken creatures are meant to thrive. There is no proper place for hatred. There are no ethical reasons for suffering.  As the world continues to change and we try our hardest to find our place, remember that it may not be where you stand now.

You may not have found your tranquility yet, but I assure you it exists.


Practice self-love and I have no doubt that you will find your peace.


Never give up on your own happiness.


Never lose sight of the opportunity to grow and embrace love and never ever forget that you too deserve love.


Every road presents its own challenges and rewards, all placed accordingly so that we may learn from them and enjoy them as we wander through this life within us.