Love is

Love is crisp white sheets softly brushing against my skin.

Love is a hug that melts your heart as your body is pulled in.

Love is a hidden treasure found in the strangest of places and its true it goes on even when it feels wasted.

Love is laughter and tears; talks of wishes and fears.

Love is a soft kiss on your hand or a nibble on your ear.

There is love that is beautiful, unconditional and strong.  There is love that is new and love that lasts long. Even though it seems effortless it takes so much strength to love and be loved is never a mistake.


Love with your whole heart and never in vain; for love is boundless and beautiful like the smell of fresh rain. We can run from love and we can run toward but one thing is for sure love helps us move forward.


The Ruins in Colonia, Uruguay

There are a few different theories behind the history of Valentine’s Day.


In Ancient Rome on February 14th there was a huge celebration of the Goddess Juno, Rome’s Goddess of love and marriage. The following day, February 15th, they had the Feast of Lupercalia, where young men and women would draw a lovers name out of a bowl for a years courtship. Which often lead to lasting love.


It is also said that on this day the valiant St. Valentine took it upon himself to secretly wed lovers against the ruling of Emperor Claudius II who forbade weddings so that his infantry could fight without missing their wives. On February 14, about 270 AD St. Valentine was sentenced to death; and on this day lovers began sending little notes and tokens of love coined ‘Valentines’.


History also notes that in the Middle Ages roughly 498 AD, Pope Gelasius declared the date an homage for martyr Valentinus and the end of the Pagan celebrations.


Or was it something more natural?


Also in the Middle Ages they cited that February 14th was the first day of the mating season for birds, which is the reason this date is so significant as a day for love and togetherness.

Whatever the reason, whomever created it, I’m thankful for the happiness that it continues to spread throughout the world.


Whether single, wed or dating you are sure to feel a bit of extra passion welling up inside you. Focus on the positivity of that love and the happiness you share with friends and family. Let us focus on the way we show thanks for this love.


Love is so beautiful so raw and free always there to lend comfort when you feel you can’t breathe.


Love is never alone so you need not be.

Love is the perfect elixir both for you and for me.