When you hear the words, life within what comes to mind?


If you’re like me, you visualize a ball: either held delicately in your hands; or surrounding you, cradling your body within its orb. Life within comfort; life within love; or life within your spiritual path.

Though we feel supported from time to time, these feelings may lack permanence.


So how do we create a feeling of security and acceptance in a world seemingly riddled with opportunities for defeat?


For me, there are three practices that I’ve adopted to effectively accept my emotions and live within the moment.  Whether this leads to a successful, worry free day or into a swirling spiral of emotions is unimportant.  What is important is how we feel after this rush or light takes hold of us and we progress.


I’ll take you through my steps:

  1. Remember why you are feeling, and embrace those emotions wholeheartedly. We are meant to feel; to love and be loved. We are programmed to react to the environment for our survival. Psychotherapist Joyce Marter, LCPC points out that often we’re encouraged to mask or socialize our fears to “fit in” or avoid causing any rifts. DO NOT let this happen to you. Emotions are a call to action. of PshychCentral.com reminds us that emotions have purpose in her article 3 Facts about Feelings in which she reminds us that “feelings have function”, that moments of doubt, fear or sadness offer you an opportunity to reflect and “…to follow your inner wisdom.”  Its important to “process your feelings” to avoid harming ourselves. Lack of emotional release can to create hypertension, headaches and gastrointestinal issues. She goes on to mention that, “You don’t have to act on your feelings”. Don’t punish yourself for feeling, instead understand that you’re experiencing some emotions and from there, decide to react accordingly. Which brings me to step two on my list.
  2. Engage your mind in delivering those emotions efficiently.  Many times I’m wrought up with guilt and I stammer to find loving words that effectively communicate my sentiment. It’s not that I yearn to create rifts, rather, I yearn for harmony but I seem to excel in miscommunication. *insert empathetic laughter here* They say not to react on your first impulse, but to wait for the second – this is what I’ve been practicing.  Rather than say what’s on your mind in the instant; reflect, absorb, find peace and then react.
  3. Find an outlet for your feelings.  Whether you enjoy journaling, running, crafting or meditating; find an outlet that speaks to you.  Find a comfortable space for your emotions and go there daily.  I start my mornings with a JBM: Journal, Breakfast, Meditation. This practice often leaves me feeling light and airy and ready for the day.  I tried meditating before breakfast but I was often interrupted by a grumbling tummy.


Remember that it is not our responsibility to change the world, but that we may change our place within it. We can grow, transform and uplift this great planet.


We can release our belongings and find precious gifts within ourselves.


We can love and be loved without contempt.


Our strength is not measured solely by our accomplishments but by our ever-growing list of compassionate undertakings.


We are made to evolve.

We are programmed to feel and to allow those feelings to guide our actions.


 In our dreams we’re often flying; soaring high above our fears, our lives and our transient bodies.


What can we learn from these dreams: from our abilities to rise above?


Why imagine life without emotion?


Why not imagine life within: within our dreams: living amidst happiness and soothing any discomfort as we soar.

 Imagine life within us, our purest most prosperous us-es.


A perfectly messy collection of extraordinary energies.

 Embracing the good and choosing to surround ourselves with auras that serve us.


Seeking happiness.

Enjoying the search and traveling with an open heart.


Every moment we that devote to understanding is a moment given to bettering ourselves.

Rather than focus on the negativity that creeps up we can choose to shed light on these feelings as opportunities for change.


When we place pressure upon ourselves and upon those around us, we may find that we lose sight of the happiness and fluidity that naturally beckons us. Every beast: every beautiful, passionate human being and all of our unspoken creatures are meant to thrive. There is no proper place for hatred. There are no ethical reasons for suffering.  As the world continues to change and we try our hardest to find our place, remember that it may not be where you stand now.

You may not have found your tranquility yet, but I assure you it exists.


Practice self-love and I have no doubt that you will find your peace.


Never give up on your own happiness.


Never lose sight of the opportunity to grow and embrace love and never ever forget that you too deserve love.


Every road presents its own challenges and rewards, all placed accordingly so that we may learn from them and enjoy them as we wander through this life within us.