Undeniable Happiness

Here’s to Our Hopeful World 2017

rising above the unknown

Cheers, to our hopeful world 2017!

While scouting out a site for our New Year ‘Hot Spring’ Break weekend my mind wandered to seismic activity.  After a few clicks and one  National Geographic article titled One of Earth’s Most Dangerous Supervolcanoes is Rumbling, my mind wandered back to the hot springs here in Northern California.

Were recent earthquakes the precursors to a larger disaster?

(a few more clicks)

Yellowstone is behaving as it has for the past 140 years…Odds are very high that Yellowstone will be eruption- free for the coming centuries.

– U.S.G.S. (United States Geological Survey)

Dodged that one.

fear of the unknown, you dirty b


2016 was a whirlwind that brought the United States President-elect Donald Trump. “A complete meltdown of humanity” in Aleppo; ISIS genocide, Civil War in Yemen, global warming, drought, and the declaration by the World Wildlife Fund  that 2/3rds of all species could be extinct by 2020.

The President-elect’s stance on climate change runs counter to physical evidence, near-universal scientific consensus, and analyses by military experts and the U.S. Department of Defense.

National Geographic

Trump promises to cut the Clean Power Plan, Climate Action Plan and the Paris Agreement and expand fossil fuel exploration on federal lands and waters.


Close your eyes, breathe deep, expand the abdomen, exhale and release, now open your eyes.

Lets remember the beautiful things that happened last year.

In 2016 we saw

  • an increase in minimum wage
  • unemployment at its lowest levels since the recession
  • withdrawal of  plans to drill in the Antarctic
  • Chicago Cubs win the World Series and
  • women of color got prominent government positions for the first time in history.

And a Tumblr post went viral called “Good Things That Happened in 2016” .

Our Hopeful World in 2017
Guess Who left the Endangered Species List

Here are a few of those Really

“Good things that happened in 2016”

  • The O-ZONE layer is in repair.
  • Scientists can now link prosthetic limbs to the glands in the brain that control intent, allowing those who need them to move without thinking about how.
  • Heart Disease related deaths are down 70% in the United States.
  • The Ice Bucket Challenge raised enough awareness to help the discovery of the gene linked to ALS. Which means treatment is on the horizon.
  • Pokémon Go fanatics placed tons of modules near children’s hospitals for the kids.
  • Bank to pay college tuition for children whose parents (employees) died in 9/11.
  • Precision cancer treatments have reached clinical trials and are working. Far beyond applying one treatment for all types of cancer.
  • South African man flies 80 rhinos from Africa to Australia – to create a veritable ‘Eden’, to protect the species from extinction.
  • 500 elephants relocated to a safe sanctuary, and tiger, manatee and panda numbers are up!

Human-kind relies on its ability to learn and adapt. As we watch the unraveling of our nation’s government surely we can live in peace and watch hopefully as it all unfolds.

Do NOT live in fear.

As our dear friend, author and motivational powerhouse, Hal Elrod says, you “can’t change it”.  If what’s done is done why worry about it – why give it your energy? Instead, how can we move forward, redirecting that energy?

For now we can remain hopeful that our environmental associations will remain steadfast during this time of unknowns.

Learn, grow, enrich and be gracious

More than ever we need to focus on uniting and understanding each other.

Our lives, our real earthly human-ess relies on our ability to love; to love our bodies and minds with continual growth and improvement; to love others not for what they know or do, but for who they are and what their life’s purpose is; to love giving, not for what you’ll get in return but for the empathetic means of sheer gratitude; and finally, love to teach others to love.

Love to radiate the exact love that you feel inside. Be a beacon of light in a hopeful world. Do not burden others with your fear, for that is yours alone. Share only the messages that uplift and enlighten your peers.

Teach your children. Plan for emergencies, practice and develop drills . When we were young my sister and I took part in fire and tornado drills conducted by our parents. Even though we never had to use them, we were mentally prepared should a problem arise.

It’s always best to be ready. Garden – teach your children to survive. Teach them to swim, to run and jump. Play in the dirt. Dance in the rain.

The power of government relies on control. But don’t forget who’s in control of your life. Don’t believe everything you hear, think or even dream. Focus instead on the present. Be part of our hopeful world.

Be happy with your choices. Do not burden yourself with fear anger or sadness.

Our Hopeful World in 2017 - Simone Biles 2016 Olympics
Simone Biles – 14 World Medals & the title of the greatest female gymnast who ever lived.

Cheers to our hopeful world 2017 because now we’ve the fuel to rebuild.

Thank our mother earth for giving us this moment of realization. Thank humanity for continually amazing and for inherently loving, because when it is all said and done…that is why we are here.


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