Imagine a world where all life flows seamlessly and interdependency is nurtured and uplifted to a level of simplistic pleasure.

What is “civilization”? Are we operating in a civilized manner?

What about humanism and scientific method?

Jacque Fresco’s visualization of the perfect economy combines workability, community involvement, sustainability and technology, all in an effort to streamline our lives and improve our livelihood.

…Think about it –

Your range of thought is limited by the dominant values of your society. – Jacque Fresco

What have we been driven to believe is normal – more is better, waste can be disposed of, and my actions don’t affect you.


  • Is it nature or nurture that has molded our lifestyles?
  • Are we shrouded by fear and trepidation when we hear the word change?
  • What is the first step in deciding to introduce change in your life?

Watch this Film.  Engage your Mind.  Imagine Change.  Create.

Check it out: http://www.futurebydesignthemovie.com/