Lyme Disease Prevention & Misdiagnosis

If you’re like me, all you know about Lyme Disease, is that its spread by ticks.  You don’t view Lyme as a threat. Moreover, you’re unaware that in 2015 there were roughly 30,000 reported cases and 10,000 possible cases of Lyme in the United States alone. Honestly, I was clueless that Lyme had reached such […]

We Are All Beautiful People

We Are All Beautiful People

-We Are All Beautiful People-   What color are our hearts that beat as one our tears   Does our laughter move mountains when we’re surrounded by friends Do we feel the same when we fall Can we not feel the sadness of another The happiness of lovers Hopes of children fear   The light […]

Undeniable Happiness

Here’s to Our Hopeful World 2017

rising above the unknown Cheers, to our hopeful world 2017! While scouting out a site for our New Year ‘Hot Spring’ Break weekend my mind wandered to seismic activity.  After a few clicks and one  National Geographic article titled One of Earth’s Most Dangerous Supervolcanoes is Rumbling, my mind wandered back to the hot springs […]

Love is

Love is crisp white sheets softly brushing against my skin. Love is a hug that melts your heart as your body is pulled in. Love is a hidden treasure found in the strangest of places and its true it goes on even when it feels wasted. Love is laughter and tears; talks of wishes and fears. Love is a soft kiss on […]