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Category: The Power of the Purchase (page 1 of 2)

By choosing your providers carefully you not only benefit yourself and your family’s health. You have the power to influence positive change within your community – Power that can change the world.

My New Favorite Site!

Rodale's Page

Crazy Deals!

Rodale’s is my new favorite site for a couple of reasons; the merchandise selection is exceptional, the manufacturers are ethical, the items are well made and the prices are unbeatable! I was so impressed with their product offerings and promotions that I fell in love immediately.

The companies they promote are sustainable businesses most of them right here in the US of A.  The clothes usually contain hemp, bamboo or deadstock elements; and the various home and on-the-go items are also created using sustainable composite materials.

They’ve got everything from bamboo kitchen utensils to natural rubber yoga mats, recycled PET pet leashes and eco-adorable baby clothes.

I came across this site about a month ago and honestly wasn’t sure I wanted to share this information with anyone.

Seriously.  I literally told 4 people.

Until now.

I screen shot my receipt because I had to share it!

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 1.55.17 PM

Right now they’re offering free shipping until August 31 if you use the code SHIP2ME at checkout on top of their already 75% of retail prices.  To shop click here.

If you spend more than $50 use code BEACH instead, and get free shipping plus a free tote!

Use your power of the purchase to your advantage.

Buy ethically – buy smart – reward yourself.

Check out my new favorite site, I promise you’ll love it.

Ingeo fibers


Loosely translated, Ingeo means “zero impact”.

According to thelambswool.com Ingeo fibers are the first sustainable synthetic fiber applicable for commercial use.  They are derived of plant starches such as corn then broken down into natural plant sugars and carbon elements which are used to make NatureWorks(tm) PLA.  Once these elements are spun into fiber they are referred to as Ingeo fibers.

The diagram below explains Ingeo’s closed-loop lifecycle. (courtesy of 4bp).


Ingeo fabrics are beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • they’re antimicrobial,
  • hypoallergenic and have amazing
  • wicking  capabilities that reduce growth of fungus and odor,
  • they’re wrinkle-free,
  • flame-retardant,
  • and low-maintenence for cold water washing

The first and only man-made performance fabric from 100% annually renewable resources.

Requires 68% less energy to produce than polyester or nylon resulting in decreased greenhouse gasses.

Made in the United States with annually renewable materials, saves 1.6 million barrels annually.

Ingeo does not contain: Herbicides Insecticides Pesticides Fertilizer.

via Ingeo fibers | Faribault Woolen Mill Co..

So far these fibers a quite costly.  A blanket can easily set you back $150, however, this technology is still relatively new and as with any technological advancement; with time comes ease of manufacturing, and advancement in product development and supply chain processes.

Check out the Faribault Wollen Mill Co. and search for Ingeo fabrics where you shop.  I’m really excited to hear where you find your Ingeo – so please share!







Check out these two companies that are using the dead stock strategies within their designs.

  • http://seamly.co/
  • http://thereformation.com/


One for the Ladies.

BootsThough New Years Eve has just passed, there is always another formal occasion just around the corner.

Check out “Rent the Runway” for couture and designer dresses that you rent and then return!  It’s a great concept for reducing the textile waste created in landfills as well as the clutter in your closet.