Simple Natural Strawberry Limeade

This recipe for Natural Strawberry Limeade couldn’t be easier!  Yield: Roughly 2 12oz glasses Ingredients 1 large handful of strawberries 1 lime 1 pinch sea salt 1 tsp chia gel 1 tsp honey 3 cups water Directions Wash all fruit. Fill blender with 3 cups water and about 2 cups ice. Add in strawberries whole, […]

Killer Easy Garlic Bread

Killer Easy Garlic Bread recipe this Killer Easy Garlic Bread is almost effortless to prepare. Ingredients Bread.  I love gluten-free Canyon House Bakery white bread but you can use whatever you’ve got lying around. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Ghee (lactose free clarified butter) or butter if you’re doing dairy. Chopped Fresh or Dried Basil Chopped Fresh […]

Super Simple Summer Lemonade

What’s more refreshing than an ice-cold glass of lemonade? A fresh, healthy, no-sugar added glass of lemonade! These instructions will go over the steps and ingredients for both a traditional blender and a high-speed alternative. Yield: 1 pitcher roughly 5 glasses Ingredients 1 lemon and a handful of fruit (strawberries, raspberries, watermelon – you name […]

Turmeric. The Wonder Spice.

Whether for medicinal purposes or as an added flavor profile for your meals, turmeric is a great go-to. And its full of so many nutrients!!! 17% Manganese 10.1% Iron 4.7% Vitamin B6 3.7% Fiber 3.3% Copper 3.1% Potassium With a mellow, peppery flavor, this spice can be used to add a dose of richness to […]