Repurpose Single Earrings for Ornaments

Repurpose your Single Earrings for Ornaments; it costs you nothing, its simple and simply adorable. I don’t know about you, but when I lose one of my earrings, I tend to keep the remaining earring for when the other appears. Dig through your jewelry box, your miscellaneous drawer or your dress-up trunk and revive your […]

Bee Box Coffee Table

We Love You Bees! These halls once buzzed with life – fluttering beauties creating delicious honey right here in Arizona.  But their tenants no longer roam and their homes were left to fade in the sun. I was lucky enough to purchase these for $17 each from friends of the beekeeper. Supplies: 4 Crates or […]

Vertical Succulent Planter

When floor space is limited, a vertical planter allows you to introduce the air purifying, humidifying, aesthetic properties of live plants with the functionality of a hanging piece of art. Supplies for structure: Wood slats from found pallets, section of particle board for backing (size of preferred planter), 1″ or 2″ galvanized chicken wire, landscaping […]