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We Love You Bees!

These halls once buzzed with life – fluttering beauties creating delicious honey right here in Arizona. 

But their tenants no longer roam and their homes were left to fade in the sun.


I was lucky enough to purchase these for $17 each from friends of the beekeeper.


  • 4 Crates or bee boxes
  • 1 Sheet of particle board
  • Wood screws
  • 4 Rotating casters
  • Polyurethane or stain/sealant of choice
  • 4 Metal L-brackets or flat brackets if using crates with bottoms


  • Power drill
  • Table saw or sawzall if particle board is not already cut to size
  • Electric sander



  1. Scrub Clean and sand and all surfaces on bee boxes or crates. IMG_4913
  2. Place boxes to desired positions for table.
  3. Cut particle board to fit as base. IMG_4915
  4. Apply stain to surfaces of boxes or crates. (The above photo shows the change in tone once the sealant is applied.) Allow to dry for a few hours, or as directed on can.
  5. Use L-brackets to adjoin the 4 crates or bee boxes.  To conceal the brackets place them on the underside of the top center of the crates.  If using crates with bottoms you may need to use flat brackets instead of L-brackets and apply them to either the top or bottom of the crates.
  6. Flip crates over so the underside is facing up. Adhere the particle board to the bottom of crates using wood screws.
  7. Finally, apply casters at four corners of particle board for ease of use.


This sexy piece is a bittersweet reminder of the changes that our planet is going through.

Beauty from Beauty