ForwardBendWelcome Able Bodies,


My name is Denise and I’ve got a passion for harnessing human creativity and personal ability in order to adapt and interact with our environments at the lowest cost to our global commons.


Let me explain…


Your global commons consist of the clean air you breath, the water you drink, the parks and recreational areas you visit, the oceans, lakes and rivers you swim in…etc. Basically, any public good that is widely available and unfortunately grossly abused by technological advancement and overzealous production in an effort to encourage growth of our countries GDP.


The ultimate goal of this site is to engage the minds and capabilities of human beings in order to create a revolution of strength and awareness through the creation of the most efficient, sustainable systems that support life, foster prosperity and strengthen communities.


I know this sounds daunting, but never fear!


The smallest steps can make a substantial difference – for your health and our planet.  Simply altering your purchase decisions, creating rather than spending, and engaging your mind in the direction of efficiency can have an overwhelming positive effect on your ability to reduce GHGs (Green House Gases) and decrease your carbon footprint.


You will find shared on this page:

  • ABLE Small Batch Organics Shop – Natural Skincare for Eczema & Sensitive Skin
  • Projects Ideas and How-To’s for re-purposed and found objects,
  • Recipes and Secrets from my Kitchen with a spotlight on local and seasonal produce,
  • a Worldly Engagement section with snippets of knowledge to share with your peers,
  • The Power of The Purchase which offers you tips for developing healthy purchase decisions,
  • Definitions for your personal use and
  • Tips and Tricks for Your Life, an area for random tools that strengthen your self-efficacy.
  • Precious Coinage, a bio-energy supported business.


My aim in creating this site is to positively influence the health of our fellow man/woman and to create a bountiful, sustainable global commons for generations to come.


Altering habits and lifestyles is tough, but if we make no improvements on the smaller scale how do you propose we create change on a larger scale?


Thank you so much for opening your mind to the United States of Able and for taking the time to visit my page.


I hope you enjoy!


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