Love is

Love is crisp white sheets softly brushing against my skin. Love is a hug that melts your heart as your body is pulled in. Love is a hidden treasure found in the strangest of places and its true it goes on even when it feels wasted. Love is laughter and tears; talks of wishes and fears. Love is a soft kiss on your hand or a nibble on your ear. There is love that is beautiful, unconditional and strong.  There is love that is new and love that lasts long. Even though it seems effortless it takes so much strength to love and be loved is never a mistake.   […]



Satu Malaysia

  Satu Malaysia | One Malaysia   You can feel the moisture in the air, each breath filtered by boundless vegetation.   Lush palm covered mountains, winding windblown streets, miles of emerald raindrop kissed leaves, glistening as they reach towards the sun.   You surrender to stillness. You allow the sensation of the warm air to soothe your bones.   Sweat surfaces upon your bosom – welcome to the rain forest.   October marks the beginning of the rainy season producing periodical downpours followed by symphonies of chirps and chatter. In the open air markets your warm skin is kissed […]

Bio-Energy for Natural Healing

Bio-energy is a non-physical energy that can also be called chi, life-force, orgone energy or prana. (In Depth Article Here)  There are five principal sources of bio-energy. The natural recharging of the body after a deep sleep; ingesting of raw foods, juices and charged water; touching prana-rich fresh rain or dew or breathing prana-rich air; through guided imagery and meditation; and through the accumulation of energy through the chakra system, most importantly through the crown chakra. (Walter Last) “In addition to food and air, we need a balanced intake of electromagnetic energies. These include sunlight, colors, the Earth’s magnetic field […]